Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


We envision American Indian and Alaska Native women living in balance within the sacred circle of life.


To assist American Indian and Alaska Native women in achieving optimal health and well-being for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Goal

The goal is the establishment of a national Indian women's health network that promotes advocacy, education, policy, development, appropriate research, and encouragement of healthy lifestyle behaviors within cultural context

The NIWHRC is:

  • A national voice supporting the efforts of the Tribal and Urban Indian programs, providing them with a focal point for resources and dissemination of women's health information.
  • Committed to sharing information with Indian programs through the expertise of the board members.
  • Promoting new women's health related research.

The Benefits to Indian Communities:

  • Addressing the needs for women's specific health information that is culturally relevant and sensitive.
  • Improving health programming for Indian women.
  • Promoting the use of traditional healing in conjunction with western medicine.
  • Promoting women's health related research.
  • Providing Indian Health and other health agencies with input on policy information that effect Indian women.
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